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To-Do Lists for Productivity

I’ve always been a list-maker. How about you?

Although I’ve tried several apps for keeping to-do lists, I actually prefer the good ol’ fashioned pen-and-paper kind. I find it immensely motivating and satisfying to cross items off my list as they are completed, then wad that paper up and dunk it in the trash bin when I’m finished – woo-hoo!

I also find that a list can function as a step-by-step guide for organizing my thoughts on days that I’m overwhelmed. Instead of focusing on the big project, I can focus on the next item on the list.

For those lists that I need to keep with me, I use the “memo” app that came with my phone. Unlike some of the apps I’ve tried from the Play Store, it hasn’t crashed, and it works regardless of where I am (and regardless of whether or not I have service).

I’m a pretty simple girl, so most of my projects can easily be tracked either on a paper sticky-note, or on the memo app. However, if I had a very large project to complete, I’m pretty sure I would try one of the free templates I found today on a site called Has anyone used that, or do you have an app you like to use? Let me know in the comments!

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Why is my student loan the size of a house? (and other Midlife Mysteries)

I turned 50 several months ago, and I’m finding I have more questions than answers these days, like:

  1. How is my student loan still the size of the mortgage I’ll never be able to afford?
  2. When did I become the adult in the room?
  3. Why is my mother’s voice coming out of my mouth?
  4. How could so much of what I learned in school turn out to be so wrong?
  5. Where did my waistline go?
  6. Why does my retirement date keep moving?
  7. Why do I still believe things are going to get better!?  🙂
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Report this…!


Reports support process, but fall short and thwart the rapport of doers extorted by thinkers who don’t exhort, but retort unkindly. Data is imported, exported, sorted, contorted and even distorted as a last resort. Maybe it’s time to abort this mission statement and sport a new portmanteau. Brainstorm to cavort our repertoire, remove goalposts and drill down, down, down. Here, report this…! -jennspoint

I’ve been hearing Matthew McConaughey voice a new series of Carl’s Jr. commercials, and am reminded how much I love prose poetry. I think I’ll do more of it in the future…I need a lot of practice, but it’s fun. Continue reading Report this…!

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Friends Lists as an Alternate Facebook Feed

Have you noticed that you’re seeing the same posts over and over again at the top of your Facebook newsfeed? I don’t pretend to understand Facebook’s algorithm but it seems that every time someone posts a comment to a post, it moves it to the top of that person’s newsfeed. That way the most active posts are at the top of the newsfeed.

I’ve tried sorting “most recent first,” to get around this, but the feed still sorts by recent activity, rather than post date/time. Continue reading Friends Lists as an Alternate Facebook Feed