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Inception, by jennspoint
Inception, by jennspoint

Two months ago, I woke up at 2am with smoke pouring out of the air vents in my apartment.  I don’t know what my neighbors were smoking, but it was making me very ill.  I somehow managed to stumble around, get all of the vents closed, turn off the heat, turn on the ceiling fans and open the windows.  Then I grabbed my purse and headed to my car, thinking I might need to go to the ER because I was getting sicker by the minute.

Once I got outside, I began to feel better, so I just sat in my car while my apartment aired out.  Did I mention the temperature outside was about 35F? When I spoke to the property manager about this later, I was told, “Well, it’s their apartment. They can smoke whatever they want to in it.”

I said, “Really?!” And then some other stuff was said, and… Continue reading Inception