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Virtually Display Artwork in a Room (Updated)

Revised and updated from original post of May 10, 2015.

I’m once again experimenting with different ways to display my artwork in a room for a potential buyer.

My artwork is designed digitally to be printed on metal or acrylic panels and then sold online. This is still a bit of a new experience for some collectors who are accustomed to purchasing artwork in person.

Sometimes people see a piece of art they like online, but don’t know how it will look in a room, so here are some ideas.


There are several mobile apps for this, such as e.g. Fine Art America, ArtSee, and iArtView. The ones with the best reviews are for iPhone only, and I’m an Android user. Similar apps are typically rated very low by users on the Google Play Store, with lots of complaints from disappointed customers. ┬áSo far, I’ve had to give this option a hard “pass.” Continue reading Virtually Display Artwork in a Room (Updated)