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Happy World UFO Day!

Unexplainable Flight Option
Unexplainable Flight Option

When I was born, my parents worked at the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada. Soon thereafter, we moved to Las Vegas and my Dad worked on the Nevada Test Site. Seeing the occasional “unexplained” phenomenon was par forthe course for the first several years of my life. It was always assumed that whatever happened that we couldn’t explain was probably someone’s project, or experiment, (or in some cases, shenanigans). The idea that “aliens” were surveiling us was a joke.

July 2nd is World UFO Day, commemorating a UFO incident in Roswell, NM in 1947. A US Air Force balloon apparently crashed there, but many people believe there is “more to the story,” and the incident has become a fascination of alien abduction enthusiasts and government conspiracy theorists for decades.

Whether you are interested in aliens, conspiracies, or why the victims of psycho-killers in movies always run UP the stairs, I hope your day is full of excitement and intrigue!

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  1. Great post Jenn, what a story.

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