Slowwwly making my way back online…?

Well, hello everyone! Long time, no blog.

I’ve been helping my family with some things over the past couple of years, and in my “free time,” doing freelance short-task gig work to try to pay the bills. That didn’t leave much time for creating artwork.

To make this even more difficult, WordPress is now forcing the use of their “new and improved” Gutenberg block editor (hate it), and I really don’t know if I’m going to be able to get used to this stupid thing, but we’ll see. If I ever figure out how to insert images into a post, I’ll put those here (Update: I found a way in the mobile app). Meanwhile, feel free to check out my latest artwork here:

2 thoughts

    1. It’s been “deprecated” on my blog. I can use a classic block (not any better than any other block), or I can purchase an upgraded plan which would have a classic editor plugin (I don’t see that happening either). Otherwise, I can just shut up and deal with this eratic series of pop-up windows they call “blocks,” or go somewhere else (but where?)…I has a sad.😿


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