How are you incorporating trending colors into your designs?

I see Pantone has once again caused an uproar by selecting not one, but TWO colors of the year for 2021. The colors are yellow and gray (more specifically “illuminationg yellow” and “ultimate gray”). It’s a flat take on silver and gold. I happen to like the color combination, but reviews are mixed. Like them or hate them, these are colors shoppers will be looking for in home decor and fashion for the next year or two, so maybe it’s a good idea incorporate them into a few designs (and tag them accordingly).

Here is my attempt to jump on the train. I’m calling this mini-collection (still a work in progress) “Ultimate Illumination.” See what I did there? These are available on a variety of products on your favorite print-on-demand sites. Search @jennspoint, or visit my shop page for links.

What say you?

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