Blockchain for artists…finally?

Jenn Pointer Fine Art on MakersPlaceDigital artitsts have long been looking for a way to create the type of scarcity and value for their work that exists naturally in the hand-made art world. It’s complicated, because digital work is by its very nature easy to copy.

There have been many discussions online about using some form of blockchain – the technology used in cryptocurrency – to document and protect digital artwork. The problem is that cryptocurrency is a realively new concept and it has a steep learning curve, so it was a HUGE challenge to make the process simple for both the artist and the collector.

Finally, a new startup in San Franisco has stepped up to the challenge – MakersPlace. It’s a platform for both buying and selling blockchain-protected digital files using ethereum.

The process involves downloading and learning a few apps, but the folks at MakersPlace have streamlined the process. I’ve put a few of my pieces here, so I can learn how the process works. I’m still learning how to use cryptocurrency, so if anyone has tips, please add them in the comments! 🙂


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