#GenXrestrux: Resources for Midlife Career Transitions

Resources for Midlife Career Transitions

Starting a new career in mid-life is scary…exciting. It can be the “do-over” we need to finally accomplish the things we wanted to do “when we grew up.”

Often, this decision is thrust upon us by a corporate realignment, or “restructuring,” so I’ve created the hashtag #GenXrestrux, which I’m hoping will become a resource for those of us in Generation X who may be restructuring our lives.

If you’re in midlife and this is a topic that interests you, consider liking the GenXrestrux Facebook page, following @genxrestrux on Instagram, or checking out the GenXrestrux Pinterest board.

Stay tuned for the month of April, which is National Financial Literacy Month in the USA, and there will be several new posts in this category.

P.S. – I haven’t forgotten about the workshops. It’s taking longer than I’d hoped to get them together, but eventually, they’ll be great! 😉

What say you?

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