Digital Downloads Now Available

Every Beat, by jennspoint
Every Beat, by jennspoint

Hello, everyone.  Here we are in the middle of February, and I’m finally almost caught up to where I wanted to be January 1st.  🙂

Well, better late than never.  I’ve been experimenting with several configurations of website formats, drop-shippers, and print-on-demand companies. Then yesterday I received an email from an artist friend offering customers a digital download of a new work of art for $15.  The customers could then take the art and have it printed wherever they want.  They could use their own printer.  They could use a local service and eliminate shipping.  They could use their own coupon and get a great deal printing from a website. They could even just use the image as their desktop background for awhile until they decide.  So many options.

So, I’m going to try that, and see how it works.  I’ve uploaded a bunch of artwork to my new shop.  Have a look around, and let me know what you think.

And Happy New Year!


3 thoughts

    1. So far no sales, but a significant uptick in traffic and clicks on those pages, indicating interest. I think if I focus on getting my traffic back up to a respectable level, the digital download idea might have potential.

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