Until death…

Until Death Do Us Part, by jennspoint
Until Death Do Us Part, by jennspoint

Updated 11/2/2018:  Well, we survived Halloween, and the art classes didn’t work out.  Onward, and upward.  Thanks for all the support, everyone! 🙂


The funny thing about some commitments is that they stay with you forever – in one form or another. Halloween is as good a time as any to honor the ghosts of abandoned dreams…no? On a much cheerier note, I saw an ad on Facebook for a workshop…yeah, I know, I know. But I fell for it, and now I’m paying $37 per month (no contract of long term commitment) for some very basic art instruction that I’ve never had before. So far, so good, and I already think I’ve learned some things that I’ll be able to use to improve my artwork and (hopefully) my sales. Also, it’s a lot less expensive than my formal education. I don’t like to do promotions on this blog until I really know what I’m promoting, so I’ll wait until I know more before I start posting links to the program, but for now…here’s to love, laughter and happily ever after!


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