Switching over to RedBubble

Petal, by jennspoint (10×10 Art Board, $18 on RedBubble)

Update 10/8/18:  Well, that didn’t work out.  I’m moving back to FAA for now.  After unsuccessfully giving limited edition prints a try, and trying various print-on-demand strategies, I’ve decided I need to do something radically different. My next strategy is most likey going to be selling signed one-offs, probably through this website, and possibly Etsy, Amazon, eBay, etc.  I hope to be making the change around the first of 2019.  


I’ve been selling (or trying to sell) art on my “official” Fine Art America (aka Pixels) account for a long time. Although I enjoy using FAA/Pixels, and love the quality of their products, I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the technical “glitches” and limitations on the website. In spite of charging artists more than most POD (print on demand) sites for their printed products, they also want artists to pay for premium hosting on any more than 25 pieces, which frequently display cached versions rather than updated, current versions of images. Also, I haven’t sold anything there to anyone outside my immediate family for about a year.

Koi, by jennspoint (4×4 or 6×6 acrylic blocks, $25 or $45 on RedBubble)

I’ve been on RedBubble for about 18 months, and have made a couple of sales in spite of not really having my profile filled out correctly (as I just recently discovered). I find RedBubble’s pricing structure more reasonable, both as an artist and a buyer. Their products are high quality and there is a larger variety, so I’ve decided to change over to RedBubble for now. I love the FAA community, so I’m going to stay there for the time being, and continue to admin my three groups (Geek Art, Bath and Spa Prints, and Figurative Abstraction). Meanwhile, I intend to become more involved in the RedBubble community, and spend some time learning how to increase my sales there. Wish me luck, and if you’re also on RedBubble,let’s follow each other!


  1. I agree Jenn. I liked FAA but they appear to only feature those with frequent sales, which only comes with frequent featured marketing. A catch ’22’. I recently found a print service company in Texas, “FinerWorks”,finerworks.com. They do a varity of museum quality paper prints including Giclee. Along with canvas, metal, and acrylic.
    They don’t do any on site marketing like POD services but you aren’t paying the high price either, the will also drop ship a print directly to your client with only your name displayed as the shipper. They don’t advertise themselves to your clients.
    I had them do three prints for me and found them to be great to work with, fast turnaround and High quality. These are professional printers, not website owners who subcontract the printing process. Give them a look. mike

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