Do we ever really graduate?

I was following a school bus to my office a while back, when it occurred to me…not much has changed in my life since my high school days. I’ve been in the corporate office environment since 1990, and I still:

  • Sit at a desk every day
  • Complete assignments in a timely manner, and…
  • Receive grades (aka “annual evaluations”)
  • Attend regular continuing education and compliance classes
  • Participate in mandatory socialization (diversity and inclusion training, health classes, team-building exercises reminiscent of field trips)
  • Navigate the social cliques
  • Pack a lunch…and eat by myself in the lunch room
  • Plan my life around “the weekend”
  • Refer to the office buildings as a “campus”

In many industries, because of the large number of parents of school-aged children, our business hours still revolve largely around the school calendar. And while the dog seldom eats our homework anymore, we often find ourselves spending more time making excuses for why things aren’t getting done that on actually getting things done.

All of this makes me wonder…do we ever really graduate?

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