Selling a Dream

Selling a Dream, by jennspoint
Selling a Dream, by jennspoint

Since I’ve been researching articles for the GenXrestrux project, about every third post on my Facebook feed is a “sponsored post,” many of these offering a free download or video course on how I can leverage my vast knowledge and experience to help people…oh, and how I can become wealthy in the process.

Well, who wouldn’t want to do that?! Sign me up!

Naturally curious, I’ve popped into several of these “free courses to” see what priceless information I could glean. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  1. Life is better with money.
  2. The only reason I don’t have money is because I haven’t taken a “master class” teaching me how to use social media.
  3. Life is really awesome when you have a lot of money.
  4. If I spend $2,500 to learn how to use social media correctly, I can attract the attention of a large media outlet and gain perceived “legitimacy” so that I can teach my own master class.
  5. You can’t even imagine how great life is when you have lots and lots of money!
  6. Once I start teaching my own “master class” people will be paying me $2,500 or more just to sit in my presence, so I can teach them how to use social media to start their own master classes.
  7. So…much…money…! What a life!!!!
  8. It doesn’t even matter if I have a service or a product to sell. I just need to get people excited about making loads and loads of money. Pretty soon they’ll be throwing cash at me to show them how to do it.

So that’s it. If you build it (a dream) they will come (and bring their wallets). What could be easier?

Editor’s note: This post is satire, but the artwork is real.

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