Report this…!

Report This...!

Reports support process, but fall short and thwart the rapport of doers extorted by thinkers who don’t exhort, but retort unkindly. Data is imported, exported, sorted, contorted and even distorted as a last resort. Maybe it’s time to abort this mission statement and sport a new portmanteau. Brainstorm to cavort our repertoire, remove goalposts and drill down, down, down. Here, report this…! -jennspoint

I’ve been hearing Matthew McConaughey voice a new series of Carl’s Jr. commercials, and am reminded how much I love prose poetry. I think I’ll do more of it in the future…I need a lot of practice, but it’s fun.

Meanwhile, this week I got caught up in a frustrating “report on the progress of designing a new reporting process” cycle, so familiar to anyone who has done office work. Corporations are designed to run inefficiently by nature, as lumbering gold-topped pyramids built on the backs of barely-living-wage workers (just look at any corporate organizational chart for an example). Anyone who is not at the top or the bottom likely spends most of his or her day in meetings discussing “processes” and writing up reports to to quantifiably justify their salary. Viva la Roma!

We can mock and criticize all we want, but how often do we put entirely too much focus on quantifying our lives, instead of just living?

For example:Photography Prints

  • On social media, are we more concerned with how many followers and likes we get, rather than in actually socializing?
  • When we move debt around from one credit card to another just to move our credit score up a few points, do we know if we’re actually helping ourselves financially?
  • Why do otherwise healthy people put all manner of poison into our systems just to get a doctor’s report to show our weight, blood pressure or cholesteral levels to read a certain number on a doctor’s chart? Especially after we’ve listenened to the side affects at the end of the commercial, and the terrifying class action lawsuits on so many of these drugs?

Why, indeed. Well, I’ll figure that out later. I have a report to write.

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