Pointless Arguments

Ever read through your “news” feed or listen to a pundit, and think about the 80s Miller Lite commercials, where groups of drunks would yell arguments toward each other, for which the only logical answer was “yes” (or maybe “no!” depending on your opinion)? The arguments didn’t really counter, answer, or negate each other, and the people yelling didn’t seem to get it. They just wanted to be heard.

Of course this nonsensical argument was intentional in the commercials, and back then we understood it was funny. I think we’ve lost our sense of humor for this type of thing in today’s society.

One group is screaming that everyone needs safe bathrooms. Another group is screaming that they want to be able to pee and shower in private. The “debate” (for lack of a better word) devolves into a bunch of insults over who should be allowed in which bathrooms, and what constitutes a “boy” or a “girl”. Both are ignoring the obvious solution: individual bathrooms for all. Instead, we just want to be heard, and have our opinions validated.

For several decades we’ve been arguing “nature” vs. “nuture” on so many topics it’s hard to keep up. In most cases, the answer to both is yes. Nature determines some of our most innate qualities, while our environment influences how those qualities develop during our formative years.

Oftentimes the arguments are oversimplified into cliches for which there is no logical opposition. “Anti-war” movements are very popular, but I have yet to see a “pro-war” movement that really gained any traction. Usually, the reality of the situation is much more complicated than that. The same goes for “pro-life” vs. “pro-choice.” In what system of logic would one person’s right to “choose” counter another person’s right to “life”? Please tell me that’s not seriously an argument we’re having?!

Oh. Well, anyway…

Another classic “tastes great, less filling” argument is the one over “reason” vs. “faith.” Really? Oh, come on, this is not an either-or situation. I think we can do both if we really want to.


Sigh. Well, OK then. I’m going with taste. Cheers!

What do you think?

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