My First Limited Edition Print! Raspberry Wine

Raspberry Wine, by jennspoint
Raspberry Wine – LTD 1/1 – Metal Print, by jennspoint

In the spirit of trying new things, I’m finally making progress on that goal I mentioned in my bio last year to explore the idea of increasing the value of my digital artwork by creating limited editions.


Well, let me tell you…selling digital fine art is tricky. You either need to sell your digital file and let the buyer do what they will with it, or you need to render it into some sort of tangible product.  Because I create my abstract art specifically for metal and acrylic prints, I needed to find a way to sell the metal prints online.  The other challenge that digital art creators face is the fact that the artwork is reproducible.  That doesn’t sound like a problem at first, but it IS a problem for the buyer – art collectors often want something unique.  I’m learning that the irony of being able to sell A LOT of prints is that very often I’m not selling ANY prints.  So, it necessary to be able to limit and number the prints.

While I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Fine Art America, unfortunately, they do not have a way to sell original artwork or limited editions through the site.  I did not want to set up my own e-commerce website to sell my artwork, mostly because I’m not very good with managing money (there! I said it!).  I also cannot afford an art gallery right now, and did not want to rent a storage space to store all of my one-off prints while I’m waiting for a buyer which may or may not ever materialize.

So, what to do?

Well, after much head-scratching and research (not to mention belly-aching to anyone who would listen – thanks for being a good listener, Mom), I have finally come with a solution that just might work.  I’m giving it a trial run on this art piece, called “Raspberry Wine”.

Basically, I’m following the lead of one of my heroes, Australian artist Loui Jover, and have set up an account on Saatchi Art.  They DO specialize in helping artists sell original artwork.  They offer a few print options (not as good as Fine Art America, but that’s OK).  I will offer my artwork for sale as a metal print on Saatchi, and when it sells, will then order the actual print from Fine Art America (aka to be shipped directly to the buyer.  The process is a bit more complicated than I would prefer, but it seems to be the most workable solution for now.

Have any of you found a way to sell limited edition prints of digital artwork?  I would love to hear your ideas.


  1. Great post! You hit the nail on the head. When we get into digital creation we think “cool, we can make lots of prints”. By its very nature digital media lends itself to this. But, as you say, art collectors want something unique. Limit edition prints are probably the way to go. Or, perhaps to print one, then alter the file in some drastic way, so that the one print is the only print. Then we have to work on getting it out in front of as many people as possible. Great work! Keep going!

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  2. Jenn, can you sell them to people who make websites? I don’t know anything about it, that was just the thought I had when reading. I like this piece, very energetic and cheerful!

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    1. Hi, Tammy, and thanks. Actually, yes, Fine Art America (aka allows artists to sell license their images, and provides several options (levels of permission). That’s an interesting idea, and I may need to spend a little time thinking about how I can use that option. Hmmm.

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      1. Who know what can happen, especially dealing with established developers and potential ‘exclusive’ permissions for a design. Your work is wonderful, that is why I am proud to showcase it.

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