Time Warp

Time Warp, by jennspoint
Time Warp, by jennspoint

My parents were replacing the batteries in their smoke alarm in their home earlier this week, and according to Mom, Dad was pretty irritated because those batteries were supposed to last TEN YEARS.  As far as any of us can remember, it was shortly after we moved into that house in 1983.  Well, they should still have some time on them, right?

Dad’s not the only one living in a time warp. I have read several comments lately on Facebook from people noting that the 90s seems like about ten years ago…and I agree.  I graduated from high school in 1985, and it’s very hard for me to believe that the kids who were born that year are old enough to be parents of their own now.  I get even more irritated when music that I think of as being “too loud” for me is now being played on the oldies station.

On the other hand, I have become quite accustomed to modern conveniences.  It’s not unusual for me to be watching 80s movies, and briefly wonder why the characters didn’t just call 911 and ask for help…or just Google the information they were looking for instead of asking everyone in town.

I’ve recently been clearing some space in my apartment by selling and giving away some new space.  It’s odd to realize how much of the stuff I bought new is now considered “vintage.”

Or maybe I’m the one who is vintage?

Earlier this week, I needed some routine maintenance done on my car, so the dealership gave me a loaner.  It was a cold morning, so the nice young man in the service department pulled the car up to the door and left the motor running with the heated seats on as a courtesy.  I very much appreciated that until I pulled out into rush hour traffic, and realized I was in one of those new vehicles with the “futuristic” dashboards, and push-button starts…and I had no idea how to turn the car off or back on.  At that point, I also realized that my seat was getting hot.  Very hot.  And I was afraid to push any of the buttons, because I was afraid I would accidentally turn the engine off.

I eventually figured out how to operate the vehicle, but not before I sustained what feels like a mild sunburn when I sit down.  I haven’t had one of those in about…oh…”ten years” or so, either.


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