How does my phone know I’ll be at work in 29 minutes?!

I got in the car this morning to go to an important meeting at an office downtown.  I was functioning on about three hours of sleep, so I thought I was hallucinating when I looked down at my phone and it read “29 minutes to work.”

Say what?!

OK let me start at the beginning.  This all started with the most dramatic lightning storm I’ve ever been in earlier this week.  I was safe inside, but for about half an hour the lightning and thunder were so strong I felt like the storm was happening in my living room.  One of the power surges knocked my DSL modem out….

What?  Yes, I am was still using DSL.  When I was told it would take about a week and a half to get a new modem, I checked into cable….it was also going to be a week and a half to that get set up.  I tried buying a DSL modem and wasted an entire evening with some very nice tech-support lady, who finally told me I was going to have to take the modem back to the store.

Le sigh.

I haven’t had cable TV for years, and I really only had DSL for my internet because I enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi.  The DSL was working great until it wasn’t, and then there was no local support.  The company uses local contractors who get there whenever they get there, and  that simply isn’t going to work for me.

So I shopped around, and found a good deal on switching over completely to wireless (which included getting a new phone).  While I dread having to constantly monitor and scrounge around for wi-fi, at least when I need help I’ll be able to get it here locally on the same day.

So after three full of days of dealing with all of this I finished setting up (then playing with) my new equipment, got about three hours of sleep, then woke up at 2:30 am to worry about my meetings today…which went very well (thanks for asking…I’m shaking my fist at the lightning like Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump).

I finally had a chance to Google how in the world my phone knew I had a 29 minute drive to work (and then 38 minutes home).  It’s called Google Now.  I’m just not sure why Google is obsessed with my commute…or how I feel about that.

While I ponder this, here are some baby goats in pajamas.

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  1. Great blog Jenn. I think we have all been there one way or another with the wifi! I live up a mountain and the lightning regularly takes out the telephone/wifi! We have all the surge protectors you can think of and now if there is a storm we just unplug everything and wait it out. Love the goats

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