Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling, by jennspoint
Keep Smiling, by jennspoint


I have just a few fleeting memories from childhood prior to the age of three. One of those memories is attending church. At that time, our family was attending one of those churches where you had to be very, very quiet, or as my Mom used to tell me, “The angels won’t sing.”

I have no idea what that even meant, but I guess it worked, because I really did try to be quiet. But I was two years old, and Mom had me dressed in these ridiculous lacy dresses that were all scratchy with white patent shoes that I couldn’t get dirty and a little white patent purse to match. In that purse was a little red coin pouch Grandpa had given me where I put the coins for the tithing plates, and the one thing that made all of this worth it: my rubber alligator.

That’s right. I had a big floppy rubber alligator. I remember how good it felt to pull that gator out and let it flop up and down rhythmically while his little lizard-like tail tickled my wrist. I didn’t notice, but my Mom has since told me that the church ladies sitting around us used to giggle, watching this little toddler dressed in lacy whites and playing with an atrocious brown floppy reptile.

If I had a name for my gator I don’t remember what it was, but many years later as an adult, when I began to explore virtual worlds, among my first really fun purchases was an alligator (actually, a “killer croc,” which I named “Smiley.” Smiley was the model for the above image, and I hope it gives you a smile as well.

Have a great weekend!

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