Choosing battles, and making peace with the scary-ass stuff of life.

Baby Argiope
Baby Argiope

As I’ve discussed on Twitter, I’m not a fan of spiders, and I declare war on them annually in early Summer when they tend to invade the area outside my front door.

So I surprised myself a couple of weeks ago when I discovered this Zipper outside my window, and couldn’t bring myself to kill it.

This one is a baby…if the neighbors leave it alone, it could grow to be a few inches in diameter (including the legs) before the season is out. The name “Zipper” comes from the way they repair their webs (more info on Wikipedia). Why would someone who hates spiders allow this thing to continue to exist?

Well, for one thing, I’ve noticed that since Zippy showed up, there are fewer wasps and hornets around here. It could be a coincidence, but I’m willing to wait it out and see what happens. I’m even more scared of wasps and hornets than I am of spiders.

But the main reason I can’t kill this spiders is that my 80 year old Mother absolutely LOVES this type of spider. She almost cried, and said she would take care of it herself if I would just let the thing live. She says they are beautiful, and they help maintain the balance in the bug population. More importantly she assures me they have NO interest whatsoever in crawling inside my home and they don’t bite people. According to Mom (who I trust a lot more than Wikipedia), all this baby wants to do is stay in its web and eat bugs.  So far, Mom has been correct. Every time I’ve walked by this web, the spider has been in it, and I watched it kill two very large bugs while I was taking this photo.

This is one very lucky spider, because I’m not going to do anything intentionally that would make my Mother cry.

So this is me…for the first time in my life…making peace with a…huge SPIDER?!

I NEVER thought I would be writing that, but it got me thinking about some other scary-ass things in life that I’ve had to make peace with, such as:

We’ve all been there, right? Sometimes we just have to choose out battles.

3 thoughts

  1. Yes, we have all been there. Many times. I think you did the right thing by this spider. I am that way about snakes, but the garden snake, and corn snakes eat bad creepy crawlers such as rats, and other snakes. I protect the good snakes that live on my property.
    It really takes a strong person to face their fears, and to contemplate change that means facing those fears. Good job! Stay strong 🙂

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