Only Lonesome, Not Lonely

Heart Murmur
Heart Murmur, by jennspoint

“Lonesome is missing someone. Loneliness is having no one to miss.” -Jenn

Only Lonesome, Not Lonely

“Lonesome” is missing loved ones, dear.
Longing for their heartening embrace.
The pain is often hard to bear,
Craving a familiar voice, or face.

But alas, there is another heartache.
An agony, far worse, exists.
“Loneliness” is that empty feeling
Of having no one one to miss.

When lonesome, you yourself may console,
Imagining the day you’ll reunite.
Memories treasured in your soul,
Will see you through, day and night.

But loneliness will leave you vacant,
Like a gnawing hunger pang.
It leaves the spirit weak, reluctant
To reach out and love and live again.

So if you’re sad and missing someone,
Rejoice! How fortunate are you
To have someone for which to long,
Memories, hopes, to see you through.

Copyright ©2006 Jenn Pointer

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