That perfect girl is gone. Let it go.

Like most of the world (or at least over 250M people on YouTube), I became enthralled with Disney’s recent animated movie, Frozen several months ago. Yes, I know a lot of people are tired of hearing people who cannot sing belt out “Let it goooooo!” at the top of our lungs.  No worries, I’ll spare you having to listen to me do that (We’ll let Idina Menzel, do it, because it’s kind of her thing).

What I would like to do instead is mention a few things that it may be time to let go. Things that are in the past, and are keeping you from experiencing or enjoying the future. Here are some examples.

Old Ties

A while ago, I signed up for “Amazon Local.” I think it’s meant to compete with Valpak and Groupon, which I’m also signed up for. Typically, these “deals” are about 30% off services I didn’t want to begin with. Every time I’ve tried to use one, I’ve been disappointed, because the quality was lacking or the wait time was just too much. But I’m finding it hard to unsubscribe from them because there is a nagging voice in my head telling me that one of these days they are going to send me something I actually need, and I’ll miss it if I don’t get the emails.

Seriously? OK, it’s time to say good-bye. (Bye!)

The same goes for those people on your contacts list that you haven’t had a meaningful conversation with in a decade, and can’t even remember why you liked them back then. In many cases, the only possible benefit that can provide at this point in your life is not to you, but to to someone wanting to dredge up old stories that you really want to “let go.”

Old Commitments

There are companies that specialize in finding old bills that people owed years ago, which have long dropped off their credit reports, and convincing the debtors to start making payments again. This sounds like a good deal, because it shows the person who owes money is good for their word, and making an effort to repay what they owe, right? Well, unfortunately, this is not the case in our culture. What ends up happening is that the debt is revived as a fresh debt on the credit reports, destroying whatever credibility the debtor has earned recently.

But a man is only as good as his word, right? Well, unless the man was talking stupid to begin with.

Our current legal system of debt is loosely based on the Biblical system, which was based on old Judaic Law. In ancient times, debtors were required to make their best effort to repay whatever debts they owed. Lendors were required to make wise choices about who they lent money to. Every so often, (most historians believe every seven years), debts were to be forgiven, so that people could get a fresh start and get on with their lives. This was called the “Year of Jubilee.”

If you’ve made bad financial or relationships committments in your past, you’re in good company – many of us have. At some point however, you need to be forgiven (and forgive yourself) for making those bad decisions. This is a humbling experience, and one that should inspire a commitment to make better decisions in the future.

Unrealistic Dreams

There was a time in my life when I wanted children so badly it was hard to think about it and breathe at the same time. As life went on and time passed by, I eventually had to let go of that particular aspiration. Once I let go of that one, the others have been relatively easy.

There was also a time when I thought my life would be complete if I could just hear my mother say, “This is my beloved (daughter), in whom I am well pleased.” Yeah, that’s not going to happen either. She loves in spite of myself, and I’ve learned to be OK with that.

Maybe you have dreams for your life or career aspirations that are holding you back rather than inspiring you to greatness. Following your passion may be making you sick.  It may be time to let it go.

What say you?

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